Ryan Murphy

Co-Founder & Senior Director, Business Development

Ryan's career in sales and equipment financing was born in 2001 when he was hired by Onset Capital Corporation.  Shortly after accepting employment with Onset, he was tasked with managing their Southern Ontario office in Cambridge.  After a successful  ride seeing the company transition from Onset Capital to Irwin Commercial Finance, Ryan accepted a job offer from SNAP Financial Group.  Along with servicing his commercial account base (primarily construction & landscape markets), Ryan was responsible for producing SNAP's first commercial HVAC leasing program. 

"In a finance agreement there must be three beneficiaries.  The borrower, the vendor & the lender have to win.  If just one of the three parties is "losing in the deal," there should be no deal.  I'm happy to have personally quarterbacked more than one thousand successful finance agreements where all three parties won."  RM

Mike Shaver
Co-Founder & Senior Director, Business Development

Mike entered into the world of equipment financing in 2006 when he became an account manager with Roynat Lease Finance.  Early in his career he began focusing on trailer leasing and financing and was responsible for growing one of the most successful trailer programs for the company.  In 2008 he accepted a business development role with Jocova Financial, one of Canada's fastest growing equipment leasing brokerages.  It wasn't long before SNAP Financial bought into Mike's "trailer finance expertise" and made him an offer in a senior commercial sales role.  Mike would go on to develop one of SNAP's most successful commercial finance programs in the small to mid-size utility trailer industry.

"Providing lease and finance arrangements to new customers is great but it's the second, third and so on business that I'm most proud of.  More than half of my business is repeat business.  It's a real partnership formed by trust and good service which goes both ways."   MS